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Thursday, 23 April 2015

I grew up with a Father who was a huge DIY man and renovated/decorated almost every room in our house multiple times. I went from having a Disney Princess bedroom when I was a young girl to having a bright yellow bedroom in my early teens to becoming obsessed with Purple and Pinks when I was sixteen, all the while my Dad was eager to help me paint and redecorate my room.

Since moving to Vancouver in the last 3 years I've always been hesitant to make my bedroom and my apartments "mine" per say. For every year that I have been here, I have moved to another location once my year lease is over, and then on to another apartment, it's just something that I do! I don't like staying in the same place for too long and I'm sure that won't change until I find a location or an apartment that I want to call my own, I welcome change and it welcomes me!

Due to constantly changing houses/apartments I have barely had a chance to decorate my rooms before I'm tearing everything down again and boxing them up to move. Since relocating to Downtown Vancouver in Summer 2014 I decided that enough was enough and it's time I made my bedroom my own and to give it a personal touch.

I've always had some DIY skills running through my veins and decided to hit Pinterest for ideas. I am a lover of Instagram and I take the most ridiculous and pointless photos but each one specifically reminds me of a person or a place and I believe they deserve a place on my wall! London Drugs (very similar to Boots in the UK) prints out photos for super cheap, around $5-10 for 20 and they also can print your images in a polaroid style which I love! I picked out my favourite photos, gathered together my ideas from Pinterest and decided to buy some standard laundry pegs from the dollar store, paint supplies and string all for less than $10 and set out my little DIY task.

I painted the pegs 3 separate colours, mint green, silver and gold (mostly to go with my other wall) and once they were dry I strung up the pictures on my wall. The whole DIY evening took around 2 hours in total and it really makes use of such a blank white space on my wall. The photos have been up there for a few months now and I love that its one of the things that I walk past every day when entering/leaving my bedroom.

Has anyone out there done anything similar to this? If you want to add a personal touch but don't want to spend a lot of money on photo frames, then this idea is great on a budget and isn't a time waster for those with busy lives!

- JR


  1. I need to do this- you spend so long taking pretty pictures on Instagram it's a shame never to print them :) xx

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    1. Exactly! After a few months you end up forgetting about what you've taken photos of too, so it's a great way to remember them all whilst making your apartment look more personal :)